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Transportation of blood and biomedical products

The delivery of blood and biomedical products is one of the most promising use cases for drones. Drones can reduce delivery times and improve the quality of the products transported, offering a number of advantages over traditional methods. The ethical dimension of blood and life saving products is intimately linked to the reduction of delivery times, an area in which drones offer a series of significant advantages, especially in emergency situations. Not only is the cost-benefit ratio already very positive today, but also the UAS flight regulatory bodies now favor transport in this area.


The advantages of using drones for the transportation of blood and biomedical products include reduced delivery time and lower dependence on traffic.

In particular, the use of drones ensures reduced delivery times and less dependence on road traffic; flexibility and reactivity, in relation to urgent or emergency situations, quality preservation, through temperature and quality control systems of the transported material; monitoring and traceability, through dedicated technologies; environmental and ethical impact for the mainly electric propulsion and the reduced risk of loss of blood, organs and in some cases of life-saving drugs caused by excessive transport times and insufficient monitoring; access to remote and inaccessible areas in many regions of the world; reducing costs and infrastructure, particularly in countries that lack medical and ground transportation infrastructure.

Biomedical transport

It is important to highlight that the implementation of biomedical drone transport services requires careful planning, collaboration with regulatory authorities, and assurance that drones and containers comply with biomedical product safety and storage standards.

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