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Flowdron creates Digital Twins, which are 3D virtual representations of objects, structures, environmental scenarios or any other type of real subject. They are based on data from scanning techniques, such as photogrammetry and laser/LIDAR scans, both from drones and from the ground, which are collected, processed and used to create a digital replica of the corresponding physical entity.

Digital Twin

This digital twin can be used to monitor, analyze and simulate the behavior of real objects, verify their conditions, plan predictive maintenance, combine it into a BIM design process.

The advantage of using Digital Twins becomes clear: optimization of costs, precise planning, effective control, confluence of data in a single comprehensive project entity that can be easily shared in workgroups.


Flowdron can guarantee the entire workflow in the production of Digital Twins, from the design of the project, the generation of 3D data through photogrammetric and LaserScanner/LIDAR scans (both external and internal) up to the insertion of the data in the BIM flow.

3d model

laser scanner

insertion data


Flowdron performs technical inspections on infrastructure, buildings, industrial sites, wind and photovoltaic plants, and wherever there is a need for monitoring the current state and deterioration of the entity in question.

Both visual investigations (photos and videos) and thermal investigations can be carried out, supported by a report and precise and organized documentation, integrable – if needed – in extensive projects. Using drones in this methodology gives many advantages, including a higher degree of safety compared to traditional methods, a reduction in costs, speed in execution, and a greater quality of the data collected.


Flowdron builds surveillance systems through drones and, where necessary, integrates ground control and surveillance systems, providing tailor-made projects to meet the needs of surveillance and security even in complex environments such as, for example, large-scale construction sites.

The use of drones in this field offers significant advantages such as effective coverage of an area, centralized control remotely, the ability to intervene in real time on suspicious events, and, not least, that of representing a deterrent system for unauthorized or fraudulent activities.

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