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Infrastructure and land management

Through the use of drones, it is possible to control the entire work life cycle, allowing the optimization of interventions and the maintenance planning, thus improving operational efficiency and reducing the expense of more complex corrective interventions. That is pursued through fast inspections, with reduced downtime for maintenance. Not least it is possible to guarantee better worker safety, through safe access to dangerous or inaccessible areas for humans.


quick inspections

safe access to dangerous areas


In addition, by identifying problems in a timely and targeted manner, it is possible to improve the spatial planning through innovative services to citizens, environmental conservation, and the use of the territory itself.

Our projects

Our projects are structured in several activities that include, by way of example, the following activities:

3D mapping and modeling

Through surveys carried out with drones, we create detailed 3D models of land, buildings, and other structures. These models can be used for project planning, scenario simulation, and impact assessment of proposed changes. 

Inspection and monitoring

We carry out detailed and visual inspections of infrastructure, such as bridges, towers, and power lines. We detect damage, wear, corrosion, or other anomalies using advanced sensors, high-resolution cameras, and thermal sensors. We use the data thus collected, appropriately processed with artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies, for the automatic identification of problems and the prevention of structural and functional risks, creating accurate documentation of the conditions of the infrastructures. In addition, for a constant assessment of conditions and the timely detection of any changes, we can carry out continuous monitoring.

Urban and territorial planning

Through the collection of accurate topographic and cartographic data, we contribute to facilitating the assessment of the conditions of infrastructure and their impact on the surrounding environment. Our methodologies can support urban planning and infrastructure development and to contribute to reducing design errors and improving the efficiency of the use of urban space.

Environmental monitoring

With the use of drones, we can monitor the natural environment, detect changes in pollution levels, the health of forests, soil erosion, and much more. This monitoring can contribute to a better management of natural resources and to the prevention of environmental damage.

Disaster management

During emergency situations such as earthquakes, floods, or forest fires, drones can be used to conduct rapid surveys of affected areas. We can help assess the damage, locate people in danger, and coordinate rescue operations more efficiently.

Surveillance and security

Drones can be used to monitor sensitive areas such as borders, critical facilities, and mass events. We can contribute to improve public safety in support of law enforcement and security agencies.

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