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Enterprise services

Enterprise services

Development and Innovation

Flowdron is the ideal partner for using drones as a tool to innovate business procedures and develop new kinds of services.


Warehouse inventory:

The project involves the use of drones in order to perform an automatic count of items within a warehouse that belongs to a company working in the furniture industry, as well as the use of AI-developed algorithms for advanced recognition of barcodes printed on the items.

Perimeter control of farmland:

This project involves the use of drones to constantly check the perimeter of a piece of farmland and prevent wild animals from entering and causing damage. The project features a set of increasingly complex experimental stages and its goal is to demonstrate how one or more drones can intercept and recognize intruders and carry out a series of deterrent actions against them. It also involves the implementation of AI algorithms for image recognition.

Security monitoring of a railroad construction site:

The project involves 24/7 monitoring of a railway construction site with a fleet of drones performing autonomous reloading operations and an AI recognition system that can identify unusual situations. This system will also transmit an alarm signal and then send an additional pilot-controlled UAS in order to perform further verification.

Biomedical delivery:

This experimental project involves the delivery of biomedical equipment weighing about 4kg from the production site to a hospital facility about 20km away, showing the potentiality of BVLOS flight within an urban environment. Progressive stages of POC realization are planned to demonstrate the feasibility of the project.

Use of the rover for dispensing substances in the vineyard:

The project involves the use of a rover (that is, a drone on wheels) for spreading and applying fertilizer to a vineyard, during night hours as well as daytime. The rover is able to operate autonomously, and active supervision by an operator is only necessary for certain operations, such as replacing batteries and refilling the substances to be distributed.

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