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Drone Rescue Systems

Drone Rescue Systems

Drone Rescue Systems,
the leading developer of parachute solutions for professional drone users.

Their innovative and ultra-light drone parachute systems ensure the safety of people and property, and protect expensive aircraft and payload equipment in the event of system failure.

Awarded by the European Space Agency (ESA), they were the first European company that passed the ASTM-F33222 Standard Specification for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

The very light system is based on a rugged carbon fiber cage and the slingshot ejection mechanism, that does not use any compressed gasses or explosives.

Their parachutes are equipped with automatic failure detection, flight termination to stop the rotors when activating, and an acoustic warning signal when the drone is descending.

Completely autonomous and independent, this system ensures perfect reliability in any failure scenario to protect both the drone and the environment.

Why choose Drone Rescue Systems

In the event of sudden failures, the drone will be protected from violent impacts, reducing the risk of damage.

The parachute system is completely autonomous and independent from the UAV.

Provides a critical extra layer of safety and increases the pilot’s chances of being approved for operational waivers or flight permissions.

The weight-optimized design allows for the longest flight times and maximum payload capacity.

The parachute is reusable and can be repacked within minutes.

Drone Rescue Systems

Increase the safety of your flight thanks to innovative and autonomous rescue systems.

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