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Support to the client

For companies willing to internalize the use of drones, or have already started the process, Flowdron is a valuable partner for its ability to support companies of all sectors with consulting and support activities that are not guided by technological constraints, but aimed at solving concrete problems and/or developing an effective strategy.

Consultations provided by us

In particular, Flowdron provides consulting and/or supports companies in the following areas:

Make or buy logic

Make or buy logic (e.g. outsource the entire data collection and processing service vs. internalize the fleet management and the development of dedicated staff vs. outsource peak or high-specialization activities)

Integration of the use of drones

Integration of the use of drones in processes and organizations (e.g. precision agriculture, integrated logistics, etc.)

Support for the development of processes

Support for the development of processes carried out using UAS, including, for example, the planning of activities, the processing and possible integration of data from other sources (e.g. ground surveys, satellite data, etc.), the analysis and the creation of reports.


Regulation, with detailed information on national and international regulations on operations using UAS, as well as regulations applicable to operational activities.

Preparation of the Operating Manual

Preparation of the Operating Manual (and related updates and revisions) in accordance with Annex D of LG 2020/001-NAV Ed. 1 and subsequent revisions. It includes the provision of a complete document that, after approval by the NAA, allows the operator to operate for what is provided for in the MO.

Assistance in submitting applications to ENAC

Assistance in submitting applications to ENAC for the conduct of UAS operations in Specific Category, with the related elaboration of SORA or PDRA and in the process for obtaining a LUC.


Safety, through support for the implementation of safety procedures and protocols (ERP) for UAS operations, as well as risk assessment and definition of mitigation measures.

Technical support

Technical support for the acquisition and implementation of technologies related to UAS, including vehicle equipment, hardware, software, and connectivity solutions.

Training services

Training services for staff in the use of UAS, on the knowledge of rules and regulations, and on best practices for the correct use of UAS through the Flowdron Academy.

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