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Construction and real estate sector

Drones have become increasingly widespread in the construction sector, offering a range of advantages over traditional methods in terms of efficiency, safety, and precision of construction processes and project management. Further downstream in the real estate sector, they offer a range of advantages that improve the presentation, promotion, and evaluation of properties.


By quickly and easily acquiring data and images, the time and cost of design and construction can be reduced. In addition, it is possible to reach places that are difficult to access or dangerous for workers. During the inspection and identification of any problems or defects, the quality of the construction work is improved and the safety of the buildings and their occupants is guaranteed.

Our projects

Our projects are structured in several activities that include, by way of example, the following activities:

Aerial inspections

We carry out aerial inspections to track the progess of work over time, identify potential delays or discrepancies from the initial plan and improve communication between stakeholders and with owners or investors who cannot be physically present on the site.

Mapping and modeling

With drones, we collect high-resolution data to create accurate three-dimensional models of construction sites. These models can be used for planning, design, and project management, optimizing resource allocation and reducing errors. In addition, we can develop precise and detailed BIM models based on point clouds created through photogrammetry and LIDAR and Laser Scanner acquisitions then processed and combined using dedicated software.

Material transportation

Even the transportation of materials from one point to another on the site can be done with drones to reduce labor costs and time, and we assist customers in this area.

Construction site safety

The use of drones is important for reducing the risk to personnel involved in construction work. We use drones to inspect dangerous or difficult-to-access areas without putting the safety of workers at risk.

Resource planning

We support the customer in using the data collected from drones to optimize resource planning, such as the material and equipment required for the project. This helps to reduce waste and better manage costs.

Marketing and promotion

We assist the customer in creating marketing materials that help to present properties in a more attractive and complete way through high-resolution aerial images and videos of the properties, the surrounding landscape, and the architectural features from angles that are difficult to obtain with traditional means.

Assessment and inspections

We assist customers in conducting visual inspections of properties, allowing buyers and intermediaries to identify potential problems or defects.

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