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Community and Affinity Manager

Community and Affinity Manager

Community and Affinity Manager

Flowdron, the rendezvous point for drone professionals and customers, is expanding its current platform in order to become the main reference point for the Drone Economy and is planning to bring efficient and innovative solutions to the business world.

Flowdron will become a community of enthusiasts and professionals, a meeting place where you can exchange experiences and opinions as well as find products and services to support your business.
In order to accomplish this objective, the platform will provide new premium services to support the pilots’ technical and commercial activities. In addition, it is also building a marketplace of products and services for all industry players.

These areas of development require a consolidation of the company’s framework and the introduction of a Community and Affinity Manager.

The goal is, on one hand, to expand the Community of pilots and to build a long-term, nationwide forum where people can discuss and share their own experiences; to develop framework agreements with Trade Associations or Communities of current/potential users on the other hand.

The ideal candidate is a person with relevant experience in social media marketing, customer engagement and a strong aptitude for business development within specific customer groups or affinities. Knowledge of and direct experience in the “Drone Economy” field is a valuable asset that can improve the candidate’s evaluation.

The job also requires the following skills and competences:

Ability to build engagement with the audience through interactive content and by using different kinds of formats and techniques

Ability to expand the number of pilots and associated customers

Ability to track social media on new trends and information to support the social media marketing strategy

Ability to develop and track key metrics

Aptitude for business development within target affinity (e.g., event organizer groups/associations)

Excellent knowledge of the English language

High school diploma as minimum requirement; bachelor's degree is preferred

At least three years of experience in Social Media Marketing and/or Affinity Management

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For this job, we can provide you with an intriguing package in a dynamic and fast-growing environment.

At first, activities will be carried out as an independent collaboration, but the possibility of the creation of an organizational position with a permanent contract is expected within 6 months.

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